Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


St John’s welcomes new believers into the Body of Christ through baptism.  We believe that baptism is the rite of Christian Initiation, a welcoming into the family of God, the Church.  In order to receive other sacraments, such as the Holy Eucharist, confirmation, and matrimony (marriage), one must first be baptised.  Those who wish to be baptised or to have a family member baptised may contact the Rector at any time during the year.  It is our custom to celebrate baptisms on traditional days:  the Baptism of the Lord (Sunday after January 6th), Easter Eve, Pentecost, and All Saints’ Day.  In exceptional circumstances, alternative dates may be considered.  We invite those wishing to be baptised to worship with us on a regular basis for a number of months before their baptism.  Candidates for baptism (or their parents and sponsors if the candidate is unable to speak for themself) must participate in preparation for baptism.


Also part of the Rite of Christian Initiation, confirmation builds on the sacrament of baptism by allowing for those who were baptised without being able to profess their faith (usually those who were baptised as infants) to make a mature statement of faith.  Confirmation is a sacrament celebrated by the confirmand and the Bishop.  It requires training and instruction and takes place when the Bishop visits the parish or a regional celebration is planned.

Holy Matrimony (Marriage)

The clergy are available to solemnise marriages between couples of either opposite genders or the same genders.  It is our preference to officiate over marriages in the church but in special circumstances the clergy may agree to solemnise a marriage at another appropriate location.  The must have a minimum of three month’s notice in order to complete preparation for marriage with the couple and plan the wedding itself.  The church is not available to rent for weddings solemnised by outside officiants and the wedding must be conducted according to the form of Anglican worship.


Death is, by its nature, an unplanned event that often brings tragedy to a family’s life.  A funeral is an appropriate way for the bereaved to help bring closure and meaning to the death of a loved one.  We are here to work closely with the family and the funeral home to ensure that a meaningful service of celebration of the life and faith of the dead is undertaken.  If your family has experienced a loss (or expects to very soon) and you would like to speak with the clergy or arrange a service of Christian Burial from the church, please contact the Rector.  It is never too early to plan a funeral.  A time of loss is a tremendously emotional and chaotic time and planning details of funerals is something many mourners would rather not do.  We are happy to discuss with you how you would like your funeral service to happen and will keep notes on file for when they are required.

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