Diversity and Justice: St John’s honours the diversity of God’s Creation.  We strive to be a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming community of faith, especially to those persons who have traditionally been marginalised by our society.  We welcome people who struggle with belief in God, who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, who are differently-abled, and who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, or mental health issues.  We advocate for greater inclusion of the marginalised in society and actively seek opportunities to serve and employ people from these communities.  We recognise that we are stewards of the land (which we acknowledge to be the traditional land of the Mississauga Anishinaabe, governed by the Williams Treaty of 1923) and strive to care for the environment as best we can.

“The Grapevine”: The announcements each week are published in “The Grapevine”.  You can pick up a printed copy from the greeters at the Sunday worship services or read it in the weekly Online Grapevine (sent by email on Friday mornings).  Due to the flexibility of email, the Online Grapevine has announcements that may not be in the printed version, including the Sunday duty roster.  Click here (LINK:  http://eepurl.com/cpoyIH) if you would like to receive the Online Grapevine. 

Nave Order of Service: A PDF of the order of service (bulletin) from the 10:00 nave service and special celebrations, such as Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc, can be downloaded every week from the worship page (LINK:  http://stjohnspeterborough.ca/worship/order-of-service).  It’s usually uploaded by Friday at noon for that Sunday and is formatted so that it can be downloaded to a tablet or phone to be used in worship.

Large Print Hymn Books: If you would like to use a large print hymn book please ask your sidesperson and they will be happy to get one for you.

Parking: On weekends and statutory holidays, worshippers can park in the upper lot off Brock St, the circular drive off Hunter St, on the street, at the Court House (front and rear parking lots) and in the Scotia Bank lot across from the church on Hunter St.  On weekdays, there is no parking on Brock St.  There are three accessible parking spaces in the upper lot along with five spaces in the same row and two to the south of the Glebe House.  The single spot parallel to the sidewalk is reserved at all time for the Rector.  There is no parking along the grass between the lot and the Brock St sidewalk and the concrete pad at the end of the walkway to the Brock St doors is for drop-off only.  Tickets will be issued for parking in accessible spaces without a provincial permit, in the Rector’s space, and in no parking zones.

Accessibility and Assistive Hearing Devices:  The church, hall, and all parish buildings are entirely accessible.  There are three accessible parking spaces in the upper lot off Brock St.  The Brock St entrance and washrooms are all accessible.  The church is level with the Brock St entrance and all other levels of the facilities are accessible via elevator.  If you are hard of hearing, our audio system has headsets which will assist you to hear the service.  Please ask one of the Greeters or Sidespeople (ushers) to assist you in finding and operating a headset.

Washrooms and Change Table:  Washrooms are located down the hall to the right as you enter the lobby from Brock St.  A change table is in the nursery at the end of the hall.

Children’s Ministry:  St John’s welcomes children and youth.  If you prefer your children to remain with you in worship, they are most welcome.  They do not have to remain perfectly still and quiet!  Please feel free to allow them to roam if they wish.  An activity centre is provided in the Chapel for those who wish to use it.  For children who are not yet of school age, there is a professional child care provider staffing our Nursery, which is at the end of the hallway past the washrooms.  For school age children, we offer a weekly Sunday School where kids hear the same Bible readings as in the worship service and engage in activities that are designed to teach the faith.  (Sunday School does not operate during the summer school break.)

Memorial Flowers: If you would like flowers placed on the altar in memory of a loved one please contact the church office 2 weeks prior to the Sunday you wished them placed. The cost is $60 and is due when submitting your request.

Intercessory Prayer Requests: If you would like to be remembered in the intercessions on Sundays, or if you know someone for whom you would like prayers, please phone the church office, 705-745-7624. We also have a confidential prayer chain. If you wish to place a name on that list, please phone Joyce Evans 705-876-7950.

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