Evaluation of Health Programs and Evaluation Systems

Skin Cancer Prevention – Sun Safety

The aim of this project is to learn if skin cancer prevention is a priority health issue, how sun safety is understood, practices, and learned in Indigenous communities, as well as what gaps exist in current sun safety education for Indigenous children and youth.

Research Team: Kelly Skinner.

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An Evaluation of the COPD Program in Fort St. James.

Recognizing that effective assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients with COPD are essential to change the disease trajectory and improve patient outcomes, a program was developed to provide enhanced care for COPD patients in the primary care context in Fort St. James, BC. Our team is conducting a process evaluation of the COPD care model being employed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the program as it is currently being implemented.

Research Team: Shannon Freeman, Kelly Skinner, Anthon Meyer, Kafui Monu.

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Evaluation of the Integration of Chiropractic Services for Ontario Works Clients in Waterloo Region.

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A Learning Laboratory for Chronic Disease Prevention Evaluation in Ontario (CDP-EvaLL).

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Evaluation of the Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic – Awenen Niin Identification Program.

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Evaluation of the Walking School Bus Program.

Our team conducted an evaluation of the Walking School Bus program in the Waterloo region over a 3-year period (2019-2021) to measure the impact and determine if the goals of the program are being met. We also examined the program elements, process and provided recommendations for improvements.

Research Team: Kelly Skinner and Erin Pratley.

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Sioux Lookout Youth – Skills, Culture, and Resilience (SLY-SCAR) – Keewatin Patricia District School Board.

The SLY-SCAR program utilized a multi-pronged alternate skills approach to emotional and social challenges facing high risk youth in Sioux Lookout that prevent their long-term success. Using a process and outcome evaluation methodology, the research team examined how components of the program operate alongside short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes.

Research Team: Kelly Skinner and Kristin Burnett.

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Canadian Evaluation Society Student Evaluation Case Competition 

Running for over twenty years, the Student Evaluation Case Competition is a two-round annual Canadian competition that helps post-secondary students build and showcase their program evaluation skills. With the mentorship of coaches, various University of Waterloo teams have participated in and won the competition. 

Coaches: Kelly Skinner, Jennifer Yessis 

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