My research focuses on community-based health and social projects related to food, nutrition, physical activity, food security, and the broader context of food systems and environments. This research has primarily been with people living in remote and northern locations in Canada. ​

I am currently an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo and and hold a CIHR-PHAC Applied Public Health Chair position.

In 2022 I became the CIHR-PHAC Applied Public Health Chair. The Chair has an emphasis on community action, self-determination, and knowledge sharing, to better understand the intersections between food security and climate change with Indigenous communities in the Northwest Territories.

In August 2015 I completed my postdoctoral fellowship at Lakehead University with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Indigenous Peoples Health. My co-supervisors were Dr. Christopher Mushquash (Department of Psychology) and Dr. Kristin Burnett (Department of Indigenous Learning).

I obtained my PhD in 2013 in Health Studies and Gerontology in the Faculty of Health at the University of Waterloo. I am grateful for the doctoral scholarship funding that I received from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research as well as an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

My PhD co-supervisors were: Dr. Rhona Hanning in the School of Public Health and Health Systems and Dr. Len Tsuji in the Department of Environment and Resources Studies.

Our work was highlighted more than once by the University of Waterloo and my work specifically was highlighted in the University of Waterloo Making the Future Report.

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